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One-stop solution to all the operations and services to manage a hospital, clinic, and diagnostic center. With our Hospital Management System (HMS), hospital staff can easily perform day-to-day activities as well as keep and access patients’ information with less to no difficulties.

MediSaaS Feature

  • Core Modules, such as doctor and schedule management, and department and patient management to create and manage hospital hierarchy, doctors, and patients.
  • Doctor appointment system to create schedules and book appointments for patients and system-generated prescriptions for doctors.
  • Bed Management to create and manage hospital beds and assign patients to available beds.
  • Dashboard and various graphs for management.
  • Inventory management for managing the hospital inventory from the software.
  • Account management for all kinds of transactions that happen daily in the hospital.
  • Automated patient billing process with the Bill Management System.
  • HR Management to keep records of hospital staff and perform various activities.
  • Various types of important reports. Mobile application for Hospital agents.

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